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Find out what’s new and old by searching through our company history.

Six Figure Capital


Find out what’s new and old by searching through our company history.

Six Figure Capital

March 3, 2019

Live Trading Webinars

Live Trading Webinars

We’ve now launched our brand new “Live Trading” service in which we provide weekly trading webinars for all Six Figure Capital students. Every Sunday we assess potential trading opportunities in forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies for the week ahead.


The main webinar we will be running is the “Sunday Market Breakdown” which focuses on swing trading opportunities across various markets. All positions are covered prior to market open (foreign exchange) in order to provide a solid outlook on developing situations. Any students who cannot attend the live session will be able to watch the replay the following day (all trading sessions are uploaded to the “Live Trading” section of the site).


All new and current students will be able to join us weekly, regardless of your membership choice.

February 11, 2019

Integrated Community Platform

Integrated Community Platform

We’re now shifting away from a browser-based community hub to a fully integrated community platform through Slack! This move took some serious consideration for the future direction of our company but this will greatly benefit all current and future students of Six Figure Capital.


The biggest selling point is that it allows us to stay connected at all times, which means we are surrounded by like-minded individuals and the positive energy that this community brings at all times. What we didn’t want to compromise on was organisation and productivity, that’s what we loved most about in comparison to building a “community” on WhatsApp or Telegram.


Slack more than fits the bill! Structured channels, threaded comments, reactions, seamless integrations… The potential is endless. Below you’ll see the main apps we have integrated to provide an awesome user experience.

  • Google Drive (share files within channels or direct message).
  • Skype (start one to one video calls with another student).
  • Evernote (organise your trading notes and share them with the community).
  • Events Calendar (receive notifications of upcoming live trading events).


Keep an eye out for our live trading sessions starting on the 3rd of March 2019, you don’t want to miss it!

March 20, 2018

14 Day Course 2.0

14 Day Course Version 2

18 October 2016 marked one full year since Lewis completed the 14 day course, he reached out to our students for feedback on the modules and what they would change to better their experience. The general response was “I don’t think you could make it any better, it was outstanding”.


Nonetheless, he put myself to the task of improving the course.


During the last quarter of 2017, he began to map out the new 14 day course, using a similar structure to the old course.


The main changes are shown below.

  • Average video length increased by 26 minutes.
  • Two new videos were added to the course.
  • All downloadable materials have been re-designed and improved.
  • Improved audio quality and delivery.
  • New and extended topics on all modules.


To continue the excitement, he is now working on the new harmonic mastery course, stay tuned.

October 25, 2017

One Step in the Right Direction

Community Site

We’re proud to announce the new community site will be going live after many months of development. Away are the days with a single student forum, now we have an entire trading hub at our fingertips.


You’ll be able to take advantage of all of the new features below.

  • Built-in financial tools for ease of use (economic calendar and investing articles).
  • Website chat which syncs with Telegram meaning you can communicate on the go.
  • Structured profile pages with a “pips” system for user ranking, this is all based on your activity.
  • 4 main groups to brainstorm your favourite assets with other students.
  • Buddydrive is available for every group, which provides a file storing location for PDFs.


This has been a vision of ours from day one, to build a solid community structure within Six Figure Capital to better everyone’s trading experience. We believe through the use of this platform it will help all students achieve the results they want in record time!

October 19, 2017

Scott M. Carney and Partnership

Scott M. Carney and Partnership

Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning“.


It’s our absolute pleasure to announce we have partnered with Scott M. Carney at


We firmly believe in building strong relationships with students, traders and businesses, together we can achieve so much more. Through partnering with we will be representing the true power of harmonic trading worldwide alongside many other market leaders.


This partnership is not only beneficial for both parties but students as well, you all have a lot to look forward to!

February 22, 2017

Creation of the Harmonic Mastery Course

Lewis Glasgow TradingView

For me, the 14 day course was only the beginning, it was the foundation of successful trading and in my eyes the stepping stone for traders to put themselves ahead of 95% of the market. Before I had finished writing day 14 I knew I was going to produce content far more in-depth, education traders have never experienced before and can only obtain through the use of my courses.


The harmonic mastery course is where I will be delivering a lot of my own research as well as proven methods which have stood the test of time. This an on-going project, I’m always testing new ways to trade harmonics in different market conditions, whether this may be an individual strategy or a trade management system designed to limit risk and secure profit.


To all of you who are passionate about harmonic trading, just like me, you’ll love the content I will be sharing through this area of the site.

February 3, 2017

Website Revamp for Ease of Use

Six Figure Capital Student Dashboard

We’re always looking for ways to improve the way we deliver our message, whether that may be in the education itself or changing the entire design of the website.


In this case, that’s exactly what we’ve done.


To all those who have been here from the beginning will remember the previous layout, we received many compliments on the structure of the site, which we love to hear because a lot of work goes into these projects by our team as well as the developers. It can actually be more demanding and time-consuming than creating an entire course.


The new website update has many new features as shown below.

  • Ability to save progress on modules
  • Search bar for easy access to areas of the site
  • Quick logout button (padlock icon)
  • Quick help button (question mark icon)
  • Navigation menu for modules e.g. easily switch between day 14 and day 8 in one click.


We’re sure all of you will love the layout, it is a better representation of how we see Six Figure Capital. We’ll be constantly updating areas of the site in the near future to better your experience as a student.

December 4, 2016

The Public Launch

Six Figure Capital Official

After a long year of developing what we considered the perfect platform for trading education, it was finally time to open the doors to the general public.


What most individuals were surprised about at first was the amount of time we spent on every area of the business before accepting a single payment. The problem with the trading industry right now is the ease of launching a service to beginners within a matter of weeks, mainly by proclaimed trading “gurus” who have zero market experience, with one aim in mind, money.


For us, money was not our prime driver, if it was we’d be out of business by now… Our passion lies in teaching, we strive to provide the perfect user experience with a system that focuses on what really matters, results.

October 18, 2016

Creation of the 14 Day Course

Lewis Glasgow | Trader, Investor and Mentor

Lewis mapped out the 14 day course throughout 2016, starting off with the structure of the course and how it was going to be delivered. His main focus in teaching is to keep his content in-depth whilst delivering easy to follow modules so individuals of all experience levels can benefit from his education.


Keep. It. Super. Simple (K.I.S.S)


Creating an online course from scratch is a time-consuming process, this was by far his biggest challenge, stripping down every aspect of trading into its most simple form.


He made the sound decision of delivering all of his content through video. Why? The last thing anyone wants is to read long pages of text explaining how to trade.


The majority of 2016 was spent creating, recording and editing the 14 day course but it’s still one of his most rewarding tasks to date. He finished the last module on the 18th of October 2016, ahead of the public launch in December.

April 11, 2016

The Beginning of Six Figure Capital, Founded by Lewis Glasgow

The Beginning of Six Figure Capital, Founded by Lewis Glasgow

The concept of launching a step-by-step online trading course started in January 2016, where Lewis worked on many of the ideas that exist in the company today. The brand name, official logo, 14 day course layout and website design were all brought to reality through his vision for what is now Six Figure Capital.


His purpose is to change the trading industry standard for education, by providing advanced content derived from real market experience that ACTUALLY works. He aims to lay down realistic expectations and level the playing field for retail traders across the board.


He wants others to see his vision, as clear as he does, and see the potential in themselves to become a prosperous trader.


On the 11th of April 2016, Six Figure Capital Limited was officially incorporated.