The Founder of Six Figure Capital


The Founder of Six Figure Capital


Lewis Glasgow // Trader, Investor and Educator

Lewis Glasgow from Scotland

Lewis Glasgow is a well-known trader and the respected founder of Six Figure Capital, he has been trading the financial markets since the first quarter of 2014 and has a wealth of experience in the field trading forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Throughout his early stages of trading, he was not profitable, like many other traders today. He lost thousands of pounds due to having the wrong expectations, applying unprofitable trading systems, implementing useless information that holds no “real” market value and most importantly not developing strict risk management rules that aligned with his trading plan.

He was the trader you may be today.

As he progressed as a trader he mastered a highly profitable system which can be applied in various financial markets. His trading system focuses on harmonic patterns, which utilises distinct and consecutive Fibonacci alignments to define critical price reversal zones. Lewis’ interest in this methodology derived from his devotion to understanding trading behaviour, primarily it’s influence on the market from a cyclical standpoint.

“Price is a direct reflection of human opinions, valuations and expectations”.

So why did he get into teaching? It all started in January 2016 when Lewis received messages from individuals worldwide regarding his forex analysis and “overnight” success as a trader. A lot of those messages were similar in context, explaining how they were using an education/signal provider and consistently losing money month after month.

This is what sparked his passion for teaching, throughout 2016 he made it his sole purpose to develop advanced courses (that actually work) derived from real market experience.

It was through this journey he created what is now known as Six Figure Capital.

Fast-forward to today, he is now a contributor to a select group of leading investing websites;, TradingView, StockTwits, and Forex Peace Army.

Lewis has amassed a following of 11,000+ on over a short 3 years on the platform as a lot of his analysis went viral, this is where he began to build his trading image.

He is currently ranked top 25 on the site amongst millions of traders.

Lewis Glasgow from Scotland

You can visit his trading portfolio by clicking here.

His success as a trader and mentor can be attributed to his focus on simplicity, trading should never be complicated, as well as his attentiveness to discipline, patience and emotion all in relation to trading.

Lewis firmly believes the main cause of failure in trading is poor mental preparation, the vast majority of traders are not emotionally stable enough to trade. They fail to realise the errors in their own workings, this is why self-awareness is critical to avoid being caught up in the common emotional based trading cycles.

“Master your emotions and you’ll master the market”.

As a trading mentor, he takes great pride in his student’s success. He is an immensely passionate person when it comes to trading and life, and this passion carries through in his desire to share his knowledge with others.

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