financial responsibility


Agreement terms of your membership.

financial responsibility


Agreement terms of your membership.

Effective Date: March 17, 2019


Six Figure Capital, Limited (“Company”) operates the website located at (the “Site”). Company provides a 12 Month Contract (“Contract”) membership option ( in which all services are provided to you upfront and charged at a monthly rate of £97 for a duration of 12 months.

The “Site” Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ( applies to the Contract. Company reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice (any modification of these terms will be deemed to be effective from the date at the top of this document).

You accept email as a valid means of communications of any agreement between you and Company. You must check the details of any order confirmation email(s) are correct as soon as possible and you should print out and keep a copy for your records. The order acceptance email amounts to an acceptance by Company and is effective regardless of whether or not you receive/read the email.

This contractual agreement sets forth the legally binding terms and conditions for your Contract provided by Company.

Financial Commitment. Contract is a fixed 12-month payment plan provided by Company, by agreeing to this document and registering at Site you accept you are financially responsible for the duration of the Contract and you accept full liability to meet scheduled payments on time, failure to consistently make monthly payments will result in Company forcefully taking additional measures to secure payment.

Payment Schedule. Your monthly payment date will be on or around the same date every month, this is based upon your registration date and first successful payment of your Contract. We will notify you via email 7 days prior to us collecting any payments for Contract to ensure you are aware of when your next payment is due.

Late Payment Interest and Compensation. If you fall behind with your monthly payments and this is not caused by a legitimate bank error, we may charge reasonable administration fees; and we may pass your details to a debt-collection company to recover any outstanding payments.

Company reserves the right to charge interest of 8% per year above the current Bank of England base rate under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 2013 and a late payment fee for administration costs for payments which exceed our credit terms.

Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 that sum shall be as follows.

  1. For a debt less than £1000, the sum of £40.
  2. For a debt greater than £1000, but less than £10,000, the sum of £70.
  3. For a debt of £10,000 or more, the sum of £100.

Payment and Currency. All monetary amounts for Contract are referred to and charged in Great Britain Pounds (GBP). International clients must understand that the value of their monthly payment will differ based on the exchange rate of their local currency, this is automatically calculated at the time of collecting payment every month.

Contract does not include any Value Added Tax (VAT), if this is required it will be charged to the client in addition to the Contract value of £1164.

Change in Circumstances. We understand your financial circumstances may change throughout the duration of the Contract. If you are faced with an unfortunate circumstance that may affect you paying £97 consistently on a monthly basis we can arrange for your monthly payments to be spread over a maximum of 24 months at a reduced monthly value, this will incur a Contract extension charge of £97 which will be added to the total outstanding balance on your account.

We will calculate the outstanding balance of your Contract and the remaining number of monthly payments on the account. The payment value will then be reduced by 50% and the payments will be spread over twice the time period (if there are 9 payments remaining on the account, the Contract will be extended to 18 months at a reduced monthly value).

This arrangement will be put into effect immediately and all future payments will be capped at a value of £48.50 until we are contacted by yourself with information that your circumstances have improved.

Paying Less Than the Agreed Monthly Sum. If you pay less than your agreed monthly payment it will take you longer to pay off your membership and may cost you more to pay off the debt under the arranged agreement.

If you have difficulties making payments under your current agreement please contact us if you have not already done so to discuss terms for the rest of the agreement. You may also want to seek advice on what to do from an independent free advice agency such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Settling Your Credit Agreement Early. You can settle your agreement in full at any time by giving us prior notice and paying off the outstanding balance of the Contract. If you wish to settle early you should contact us for a final settlement figure.

You can also settle this agreement in part at any time by giving us notice and paying off a partial amount of your total Contract balance.

Information About Us.

Six Figure Capital Limited (Company Number SC532333) is a company registered in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your 12 Month Contract.

Six Figure Capital, Limited
91 4/1 Mitchell Street
Glasgow, G1 3LN